Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Grandma's Turn To Talk

This is Caleb's Grandma talking now. We found out that the doctor at the hospital where Caleb will be born is not in the office today. We now have to wait until tomorrow to see when they want to schedule to induce. Our hometown doctor's have been wonderful, but the lack of communication with us and the delivery doctors has caused just as much anxiety as the situation we are in.

I worry about my daughter, who is my hero, after all that she has been through, and the next journey we will be going through as a family. She worries more about all of us...her sister will be taking her finals this week. She will be one of Caleb's Godmothers. Her dad is a self employed hairdresser and works alone. What about his schedule? Her best friend, and Caleb's second Godmother, has an 11th month old daughter. And she works. Her older sister, who has three kids of her own, and is also in a business with her husband. And finally, a cousin, who is more like a sister, and lives in Georgia. She and her little boy and husband would like to come up here to meet our little wonder. I am the lucky one. She and I will be going through the delivery together, and as you do with your children, I will drop everything to be with her at this time.

We will need to have Caleb baptized as soon as possible, due to not knowing how much time he will be with us. We have made many arrangements, some I never expected to have to do when a little baby is coming. One of the best connections we have made is with an organization called Now I Lay me Down To Sleep. They specialize in infant photography for "situations" like ours. I am a photographer, and have taken thousands of pictures of my family and others. But I know I will be in no condition to do justice for my daughter at this time. I am looking very forward to meeting the very wonderful young woman who has eased my mind with this very important detail.

We have been offered the use of many things, from furniture to clothing to help us out. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate all of the offers. We are just too afraid to go all out, because we still don't know the outcome. Being the Grandma, I of course couldn't help buying the 1st Christmas ornament. And I bought one for Caleb's Mommy that says "I Love My Mom". And the baby blue and white Santa hat and stocking that we are probably going to be able to fit Caleb in because he will be so small!

Lindsey is resting now, after all she is 41 weeks and 5 days along. I hope she is dreaming peaceful dreams about her and her precious little boy. As she says... We are going to be Happy now, we will be sad later. I told you she was my hero.

And for everyone who is reading this blog. Thank you so much for caring enough to follow our family on this journey. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. You will be in ours.

We will update you tomorrow after we hear from the delivery doctors.

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RachelRay said...

I check in every day- Linds, I'm prayin hard for you and that baby. God ia always at peace, wonderful girl. You're showing such courage and hope- you really are an inspiration.