Thursday, December 11, 2008

16 hours into labor

Hey guys,

So it's been a slow day for Caleb and me. I've been having consistent contractions at 10 minutes apart. I'm in an incredible amount of pain, but I'm toughing it out so I don't get sent home from the hospital. It's been a long day, but I'm doing my best to get through it. I took a little nap today, but the contractions kept me up. I gave up sleeping and now am just going through the motions.

Mom just said that since the pain is intensifying, we might be taking a trip to Magee just because of the weather. It's starting to freeze out there and we just want to be close just in case. It's a 45 minute drive for us on a good day. Just taking precautions.

Stay tuned...


jess563029 said...
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jess563029 said...

We're all still praying for you guys! Thinking of you having contractions makes me remember mine. You're very strong, 16 hours is a long time (you already know!) I'm so excited for you! Hopefully by tomorrow morning you will be holding your baby boy!!!