Friday, December 12, 2008

He's Coming, He's FINALLY Coming !!!

It is 5:52 and Lindsey has now been hooked up and is about to get an epidural. She is 3 cm and Caleb is in position. We are in the middle of the changing of the guard, so anyone we met will be leaving at 7:00 AM. So far everyone has been awesome, despite Lindsey and Kouries' (her sister ) sense of humor, which they can't seem to turn off. Lindsey has just told he nurse anesthesiologist that she loves her. She said she understands, she is usually very popular at this time. And now we will wait, and hopefully she will rest. She has been in labor since 11:00 PM Wednesday, and has not slept very much.

Stay tuned for further updates.......
Caleb's Grandma

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elizabeth s. said...

hey linds, i'm so excited for you. no matter what, this is the day you will never forget. i hope everything goes smoothly so you can finally relax and enjoy your son. you'll both be in my thoughts and prayers.