Friday, January 9, 2009


Before I talk about my amazing new body work, I must talk about the fact that I started counseling on Tuesday. Even though it was a lot of paper work and background information (mostly because I've never done this before), it helped out a lot. She suggested that I seek out a pastor to talk about my issues with God (yes, I'm still having those issues too). I chose not to try anti-depressants or anxiety medication yet. I want to just talk out my problems, and my therapist agreed that I was on the right track to recovery. I think I'm gonna like her a lot, and I feel safe talking to her just like I should.

Now to the tattoo...There's a picture posted, but I'm gonna talk about my experience. Usually, tattoos hurt like crazy and while I love getting them, I don't like the needle thing. All of my tats are on my back so I don't have to see the needle. It's not a big deal if I can't see it happen. My sister and I got the same thing. I got his footprints life-sized while Kourie got them scaled down on her wrist. Mine has more detailed because of the size. Kourie's are more basic. I was really proud because I didn't flinch, but as my sis said, "You've given birth. This should be cake for you." Truly it was. This was the next most exciting thing ever (only second to having Caleb)!!!

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The Pittsburgh Hites said...

They are beautiful Lindsey! What a great reminder of you little guy!!
Stay strong, your issues with God will work themselves out in time, just listen to your heart.
I know it's hard when your heart hurts so much, but just keep listening to it, and the answers will come.
Still thinking and praying for you!