Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So tomorrow is my due date and guess what...Caleb is stubborn! I haven't even started dilating yet, and the best part is he just dropped this morning while I was sitting in the waiting room. We should be expecting him soon.

I was gonna schedule an appointment for next week, but the doctor thought it would be a good idea if I went to Magee for my next appointment. When they called down there to schedule it for me, the doctor on the other line said that she would talk to the team that met with me a month ago. She assumed that they would want to induce me by the end of the week. I was told to wait for spontaneous labor, but now it looks like the plan may be changing. I will keep you posted. I haven't even gotten a phone call about when the appointment yet, and I will be calling the office tomorrow to see when it's happening. They said they don't want to wait until next week, so I could be visiting as soon as Friday.

There really isn't a lot going on until I go into labor. If we are able to blog from the hospital cause we're allowed to have a laptop there, we will be keeping everyone updated.


The Pittsburgh Hites said...

I've been wondering how you and Caleb are doing, and also happy at the same time that you have gotten more time with him!
Yes, you can take your laptop with you to Magee, they have free wi-fi there, and it will help fill the time for you as well if they induce you! I'm praying for a great Thanksgiving for the two of you, and the rest of your family. keep us posted...

RachelRay said...

I was just thinking about you and baby boy today! I'm praying, good luck!!!