Friday, November 21, 2008

Less than a week!

Today I had my 39 week appointment. Caleb's heart rate is fine, but that's all I know. The doctor that I saw right before I found out about my baby's diagnosis was my doctor today. And she couldn't have gotten out the office any faster. She came in, did her thing and was out without even introducing herself to her mother. I must have intimidated her or something because I've never seen anyone move as quickly as her. I wouldn't want to be that doctor either, considering the fact that she didn't give me a head's up before heading to Magee.

Other than that, things are awesome. I'm 5 days from my due date and I'm excited. Caleb got his first Christmas ornament (a tiny snow globe that has his name on it). We're going to start preparing for him to come home with us, regardless of what the doctor's at Magee have been telling me. I'm holding onto the hope that my son will be coming home with me, and he will be here for his first Christmas and hopefully more. I want everyone to meet him and get to know him for who he is. I want to be able to enjoy him. I just hope that God will grant me this.

I only have 3 days of work left before I go on leave. I can't believe that it's already that time to take time off of work and say "hi" to my new life with Caleb. I'm really surprised how much time flew by. I have been concentrating on how much I can't wait for the pregnancy to be over and it's not because of recent events. I'm just annoyed with the end of pregnancy. I have normal pains and the usual things. I just want it to be over for my sake.

Well, since nothing is really going on until I go into labor. I will blog if there's something on my mind, but other than that, I will let keep everyone updated as best as I can.


boltefamily said...

Praying for you and for sweet Caleb! I wish I could say my own experiences at Magee were more positive...alas they were not. You are right though...they don't know everything and there is always hope. I will be praying!

Love Kristy

Hilary said...

I just wanted to say Hi!! You are going to be a great Momma to Caleb..your doing awesome! Keep on keepin' on!! Have a great Thanksgiving..sending sweet thoughts for you and baby Caleb :)

RachelRay said...

I'm prayin, Linds! Only 3 more days!!!